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The Blacklist Finale Aims To Please!

Does anyone die? More importantly, does anyone come back to life?

So, at Red's behest, Senator Diaz -- the next president of the United States -- calls out Alexander Kirk as a supporter of terrorists. This isn't exactly true: Kirk bankrolled Diaz's campaign, and then Red and Susan and their combined forces stole the money in an attempt to flush Kirk into the open. Red only cares about Diaz becoming president (which the show treats as a slam dunk) so that Diaz can pardon Liz Keen. That she's dead (or "dead") doesn't faze Red. He just wants things put right.

Of course, Kirk doesn't want to show up for any Congressional Hearing. Instead, he wants to stay in a room with his three lawyers, who always stand in a line like a Greek chorus, and bleed quietly. Yeah, about that: it turns out there's something going on with him where blood drips down from under his suit and off his hand. Some mystery condition no one talks about and that the show won't even hint at for the rest of the episode. So, for the time being, let's call it a "skateboarding accident."

Red eventually flushes Kirk out and tells Cooper in no uncertain terms that he'll kill Kirk the minute he shows his face. Then he tells Cooper that, with Liz gone, their partnership will now end. And he bids Cooper and the Task Force a farewell. In another part of town, Tom shops for groceries carrying Agnes in one hand, as no one would do with a baby of that age. Where's the Baby Bjorn, Tom? Oh, I see. He's carrying the baby in such an unlikely way because he's gonna pull a switcheroo with another baby, which will aid him in ditching the security detail Red provided for him. Seems like an air-tight plan. Whatever bizarre reason motivates Tom's baby switcheroo also includes Tom getting on a small plane with Agnes. Maybe he's going on a Babymoon and doesn't know what Babymoon really means?

Nope. Turns out Mr. Kaplan has arranged for Tom and Agnes to fly to Cuba. But she not only planned the whole Cuba trip for Tom and Agnes, but for Liz beforehand. Because, of course, Liz has been alive all along. And Tom has known about it too. He's not surprised at all to find Liz hanging out there. But boy, Red sure is. And he's not happy about it. Tom assures Liz that it's over: they won't have to run anymore, and there's no one coming after them. Because Tom's a dummy. A dummy who turns off his phone so he can't be warned of the impending danger. It's at this point where I think, "How amazing would it be, now, to kill Liz off at the end of this episode?" Because wouldn't that be hilarious? Well, that's nearly what happens. Liz doesn't die, but she and her kid are kidnapped, and something happens to Tom. (Spoiler: he moved to another night of the week!) And then we find out what Alexander Kirk's connection to Liz is. Or at least what he claims it is, because he claims to be her father.

In the end, how Blacklist-y is this episode of The Blacklist? Run it through the machine!

Blacklist-y Element Present?
Liz is dead, but she's totally coming back, right? "> Like we've said all along, Liz is alive. We never guessed Cuba, but we could have guessed that Mr. Kaplan orchestrated it.
Is Ressler still being a total asshole? While everyone else at the Task Force basically accepts that Red will kill Kirk, Ressler takes it upon himself to try to stop it from happening. Typical Ressler. Typical asshole.
Red is one step ahead of everyone at all times! Tom slips his security detail. Kirk disappears. Red belatedly finds out that Mr. Kaplan secretly spirited Liz away to Cuba. It's not really Red's finest hour.
This Blacklist-er should totally be on Red's list! It's still Alexander Kirk, so the answer is still yes.
Plot is immaterial! Tom's big plan to disappear from the grocery store depends upon there being another baby of roughly Agnes's age and size being at the tiny store at the same time. And also that baby's mom leaving it alone long enough for Tom to make the switcheroo.
Red's hat symbolizes his cool mastery of his surroundings! My theory remains that Red would have figured out where Liz was episodes ago, if only he'd kept his hat on more.
Dialog by ClichéBot 3000 After a perfectly normal-seeming phone call, Tom's pediatrician hangs up, then says to someone off camera, "There. I did what you asked. Please. You don't have to do this." At which point, he is, of course, murdered by the pockmarked assassin.
Something deadly/dangerous is given a name equally suited to a terrible metal band Not a single Halifax Consortium, Titanium Archipelago, or Periodic Tremor Sequence to be found here. And now we have to wait until next season. Sigh.
We get one more crumb about Red's obsession with Liz Not really. Only that the depth of his obsession was what motivated Mr. Kaplan to do what he did.
5 / 9
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