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No One Puts A Baby In The Blacklist!

Tom and Liz's baby is still missing...and that's a good thing (for the show).

While everyone in the Task Force deals with the fallout from Liz's fake death, Tom and Liz drop by the Post Office to get some info on Alexander Kirk's whereabouts. Not everyone is thrilled to see them. Aram is, of course, the old softie. But Samar delivers the chilly news that she has requested a transfer. To a midseason spinoff, perhaps? I guess we'll find out eventually.

Red and Liz have another of their tense exchanges, this time in a graveyard, because what fun would it be if they actually got along and worked together, right? Red tells Liz he has a lead -- this week's Blacklist-er, Miles McGrath -- but they won't be going after him. Red will. Alone. Of course, for some reason, Red gives Liz a bunch of information about McGrath anyway, including where he's currently staying. Which is a pretty passive-aggressive way of asking her to join him on this adventure. So, when he gets mad about the FBI meddling later, he really has only himself to blame.

In her debriefing to the Task Force, Liz describes McGrath basically as an Erlich Bachman of crime, a venture capitalist who runs an incubator for criminals. Why is Liz debriefing the Task Force when she has no security clearance and isn't technically even supposed to be there? Duh, her baby is in danger. Any further questions should be directed to the producers of The Blacklist. But seriously, shouldn't they just reinstate her via presidential pardon or some other device? It would certainly make everything much less complicated.

Tom and Liz go rogue and gather evidence over at the FBI office. How plausible is their method? Not very. But at least Liz is doing something active. Here's hoping she continues down this rogue path. Liz photographs a bunch of evidence the FBI had on Kirk and finds her mother's journal in an evidence box. Without fanfare, Red and Liz and Tom do end up working together after all. This show needs to pick a lane! With the help of one of Red's friends, Tom goes undercover into a McGrath heist of a train carrying viruses for the CDC. Is Red's friend named Convenience? I think he is. They stop McGrath, but that doesn't net them Kirk. He remains out of their reach.

In the meantime, the show defuses any Mr. Kaplan-based suspense by showing her regaining consciousness and crawling around the wilderness where Reddington left her, nursing a nasty head wound. How Reddington failed to kill her with a point blank gunshot to the head remains unclear. Kinda makes you wonder how many bad guys Red's shot over the years who only ended up wounded. Getting sloppy in your fourth season, Red!

So, Blacklist-y is this episode of The Blacklist? There's only one way to find out!

Blacklist-y Element Present?
Liz is alive, but she's totally still boring, right? Less so this week. And the only crying Liz does in the episode is fake crying while stealing information from the FBI. Who is this Active Liz and what have they done with Eeyore?
Stupid government agents! Always ruining everything! Despite Red's telling her she wasn't invited, Liz gets to tells the task force about McGrath, which results in Cooper sending some agents to surveil the hotel where he's staying, which results in said agents getting shot in the head. McGrath, of course, then disappears again. Solid C-minus work!
Red is one step ahead of everyone at all times! Red's not ahead of Kirk, but he totally out-maneuvers McGrath. Point: Reddington.
This Blacklist-er should totally be on Red's list! As silly as a venture capitalist of crime sounds, it's probably no worse than "the concierge of crime." Under The Reddington Rule, McGrath earns a spot on the list!
Plot is immaterial! The FBI guy leaves his security badge on the front edge of his desk, conveniently close to where Tom is sitting, allowing Tom to palm it while Liz distracts the FBI guy with tears (naturally). It's a perfect plan...as long as that security badge is in that exact place, and not, let's say, in his pocket or desk drawer. You know, a normal place for a security badge to be kept.
Red's hat symbolizes his cool mastery of his surroundings! Red uses his hat to great effect while owning McGrath in The Lodge.
Dialog by ClichéBot 3000 Liz tells Ressler that she believes Kirk might be her father. "Alexander Kirk...you almost died because of him," Ressler says. "Not exactly father of the year." Zing!
Something deadly/dangerous is given a name equally suited to a weird sex move Before attempting the Floating Box Formation, make sure to stretch those glutes and quads. You don't want a sudden, debilitating cramp to bring an untimely halt to the fun!
We get one more crumb about Red's obsession with Liz Liz finds out that her mother didn't just have an affair with Red, but that she was assigned to him in the same way that Tom was assigned to her.
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