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Let's Have A Drink With The Blacklist!

Just maybe steer clear of the Bloody Marys, unless you're a DNA match.

There's a problem with Alexander Kirk being an ongoing nemesis on The Blacklist and it's quite simple: He's not demonstrably villainous. Yes, he poses a threat, of sorts, to Liz and her family. But as a bad guy, he operates more like a mean CEO whose henchmen do all the nasty work while he stays clean and well-pressed in his penthouse. Mr. Solomon presented a much more terrifying threat. He actually murdered people and repeatedly showed himself as an ice-cold strategist built for chaos. Same goes for Laurel Hitchin. Kirk, however, doesn't inspire fear. Only anger. From me. Because I'm sick and tired of this whole Liz's dad business.

Red convinces Liz that Kirk might try to contact a man known as The Coroner and that it's important they reach The Coroner before he does. According to Red, The Coroner runs "a witness protection program for criminals." Hmmm, isn't that what the actual Witness Protection Program already does? I mean, not exclusively. But don't they also protect, like, snitches and whatnot? Anyway, let's get The Coroner! Which the team does with no trouble at all, but of course Red's not really interested in The Coroner. He only wants to know who someone named Sonia Blume became. The answer is this week's Blacklist-er, Dr. Adrian Shaw. She has a connection to Kirk because of her work in hematology, which is pressing because he's dying…again. Or still. Whichever applies the most, I guess. Because of his condition, Kirk gets moved from the glass box to Walter Reed Hospital, where his weird secretary/lover/whatever-she-is has arranged for extraction. All she's waiting for is Kirk's signal.

While trying to donate stem cells to save her father's life, Liz finds out that she's not a compatible donor because, whoops, Kirk actually isn't her father. Well, finally! Here's some incontrovertible evidence that can't be flip-flopped on. So, we can put that to rest. Of course, this opens up the whole "Who is Liz's dad?" business again, which makes me less than thrilled. But now that Kirk knows Liz isn't his daughter, he might actually try to kill her. And there's a whole team already in place at the hospital who just got the signal from Kirk to move in. But we won't find out how all of that works out until next week.

So, is this episode of The Blacklist Blacklist-y enough? Let's find out.

Blacklist-y Element Present?
Stupid government agents! Always ruining everything! Cooper encourages Liz to go talk to Kirk while he's in his glass box. You know, she's got a lot to process about him being her father. Oh yeah, never mind that he might be manipulative and might try to sway her to do something to aid him. Seems like a great idea that she should spend quality time with him, Coop.
Red is one step ahead of everyone at all times! Nothing surprises Red this episode, which is good news. Because that means Red's back to his old self.
This Blacklist-er should totally be on Red's list! Dr. Adrian Shaw is a creepy doctor, with a boat filled with human guinea pigs, but I'm not convinced that warrants putting her on the list.
Do time and distance essentially have no meaning? Ressler and Samar travel from DC to Brooklyn Heights, a distance of 227 miles one way, four hours by car with no traffic. They get there and back with time to interrogate a criminal in an afternoon. Because everything on the East Coast is next door to everything else.
Red's hat symbolizes his cool mastery of his surroundings! While wearing his Official Season 4 Hat, Red lets Ressler and Samar know that he played them to get information from The Coroner. Of course he played them! Again! He always plays them, exactly like this. Not sure why they're surprised. Must be a short-term memory problem.
Does Red talk about something random as a metaphor? Without provocation, Red insists that Liz go spearfishing. He then tells her about the scourge of lionfish. Then about the time he spear-hunted lionfish and one seemed to be dead but wriggled free. Meaning: Kirk is that lionfish.
Dialog by ClicheBot 3000 "Is there a problem?" the boat guy says. "There won't be if you direct us to Dr. Adrian Shaw," Samar replies. "I don't know who that is he says." Ressler adds, "Maybe a warrant to board your ship will jog your memory." "There's no Adrian Shaw on this ship," he says. "We'll see about that," Samar says.
Something deadly/dangerous is given a name equally suited to an improv theater or troupe There's a whole ship filled with humans being experimented on, but neither the ship nor the doctor in charge has a fun nickname? Seems like a missed opportunity. The Blood Ark, for instance. ...Oooh! Even better! The Blood Boat. As in, "Soon we'll be making another run!"
We get one more crumb about Red's obsession with Liz He's still obsessed, because of whatever made him obsessed at the beginning of the show, and no we still don't know what that is.
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