Mitch Haaseth / ABC

Rachel Lindsay Will Be The Bachelorette's First African-American Headliner

Better than 'winning' the 'prize' that is Nick Viall, probably.

What happened? ABC has confirmed the casting of its next titular Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay. (Apparently we may reasonably assume that tonight's will be Lindsay's last episode of the current season of The Bachelor?)

Why has this happened? The famously white franchise has never had a non-white chooser on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but evidently executive producer Mike Fleiss thought the time to change that was now, as hate crimes against people of colour have spiked since the election of Donald Trump as bigots now feel freer to act on their hideous impulses? (The rate of such crimes has declined, but still, that's not something anyone can be terribly proud of.) That said: if the idea is to use network television to normalize the idea that a woman of colour has the right to date a bunch of dudes and possibly get engaged to one: a laudable goal for a historically retrograde franchise.

What do I do now? If you want, you can watch what will apparently be Lindsay's last Bachelor appearance tonight, and confirm what I wrote before the season started: that Lindsay is "Certainly Too Good For Nick."


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