Nick Viall Will Be The Next Star Of The Bachelor

At least he won't be a 'runner-up' anymore, or else he'll find a way to screw this one up too.

What happened? This just in via press release: ABC has chosen the star of Season 21 of The Bachelor and it's Nick Viall.

Why has this happened? Apparently Nick has decided he doesn't want a real job anymore and is just going to become a full-time soldier in the Bachelor Nation army? This fucker got to the final two in Andi's season of The Bachelorette and then lost out on the prize, as Andi ended up getting engaged to Josh instead. (If you've been watching this season of Bachelor In Paradise, you already know that did not really work out.) So then Nick returned to the next season of The Bachelorette, where Kaitlyn also brought him to the finale only to throw him over for Shawn. Currently, Nick is trying his luck on Bachelor In Paradise, where literally his identifying chyron is "Runner-Up." He's a sad sack. And I guess if he's doing The Bachelor, it means things don't end up working out with Jen, his current BiP squeeze.

What do I do now? The press release advises that you watch the two-part season finale of Bachelor In Paradise -- next Monday and Tuesday, September 5 and 6 (both at 8 PM ET on ABC) to find out exactly how Nick's journey takes a turn from getting jammed out of the Fuck Room by Josh to being the lord of the Fuck Room in Season 21!


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