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Arsenio Hall Superfan Paul Scheer Reviews The Arsenio Hall Show

'It's not really "brand new," it's kind of the exact same thing and that's fine by me.'

For its review of the brand-new incarnation of The Arsenio Hall Show, The Hollywood Reporter sought out an expert: one Paul Scheer. For YouTube's comedy channel JASH, Scheer has been recreating classic episodes of Hall's old show, with himself as Hall and some of today's most brilliant comedy stars (Adam Pally, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Max Greenfield, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, and many others) playing some of Hall's '90s-est guests; here's "Arscheerio" interviewing Andrew Dice Clay (June Diane Raphael, who also happens to be Scheer's wife) -- and please note that all the dialogue is straight from real show transcripts.


Scheer's review is positive without being fawning, and it's fun to see him geek out about the return of a show that meant so much to Scheer in his formative years.

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