The Amazing Race Experiences Besos, Pesos, And Tejo

In Cartagena's Old City, sparks fly when racers try a traditional board game, but they spend the rest of the leg riding the bus and shopping for handbags. Yawn.

"Exploding Cornhole" Is A Lot More Fun Than It Sounds

We open Leg 3 on a flashback to the beginning of Leg 2, in which Matt and Dana couldn't agree on which way to go, or whom to ask for directions, or something like that. Really, it wasn't all that interesting then and it's not interesting this leg, either.

Evidently, we're spending another leg in Cartagena -- which, since this is the first time the show's ever been there, is more or less okay. The first destination is Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, an old fort that was apparently built by Colombian hobbits, if the height of the ceiling in their catacombs is any indication. Somewhere in said catacombs (oh, excuse me, "hashtag catacombs"....seriously, Amazing Race clue writers?) is a cluebox. It's not particularly well-hidden, and most racers are in and out in seconds. Erin, who's a little claustrophobic, has a hard time with it, to the tune of one of those "this is impossible!" cut-to-commercial moments, but as is the case with most of those moments, she gets it together about thirty seconds later.

The Detour compels Racers to choose between "Tickets" or "Tejo." "Tickets" involves serving as an attendant on a city bus and collecting fares, whereas "Tejo" is the Colombian national pastime -- a backyard game sort of like cornhole, but with explosives. And pretty much anything's a lot more fun when you add explosives.

Kurt and Brodie, whose entire online persona involves throwing a flat disc at a target, realize that they'd better be amazing at this or they'll be hearing about it from Twitter for the rest of their lives. And while it would be way more entertaining if they DID suck at it, they don't. In fact, they're done before Tyler and Korey, trailing in second place, even show up to the course. Tyler is hilariously skittish about the exploding targets, though Korey has a knack for it. Burnie and Ashley slay the Tejo course as well.

What's The Beso-to-Dollar Conversion Rate?

Erin, still recovering from the trauma of the catacombs, insists that Joslyn choose the Detour, and she opts for "Tickets." They figure it's a chance to interact with locals and maybe get their flirt on a little. Scott and Blair also choose "Tickets," as do Zach and Rachel, for whom it's slow going until a bystander recognizes Zach from YouTube. Blair has an easier time once she begins promising "Besos for Pesos." Plenty of locals hop on, although curiously, none of them actually ever asks to cash in on the besos that are coming to them.

Matt and Dana, the Instagram models, Cole and Sheri, and Darius and Cameron all opt for Tejo, and it's pretty obvious that even when there's a little bit of a bottleneck while one team at a time completes the challenge, this is still much, much faster than trying to get ten people to get on your bus, besos or no besos.

Brodie and Kurt roll into the Roadblock in first place, which involves searching a marketplace for mochila handbags by a particular designer. There's a little bit of a learning curve involved, as they realize that the relevant information is on a tag attached to the bag and not necessarily in the pattern of the bag itself, but they still manage to finish the task, and the leg, in first place.

Tyler and Korey, checking in shortly afterward, aren't totally unhappy with their placement, although Korey notes that whenever he's done a Roadblock, they've come in first, and whenever Tyler's done a Roadblock, they've come in second. "I think I won something," Tyler observes. "You won America's heart," Korey says with a smirk.

Meanwhile, at the back of the pack, Zach and Rachel check their progress. Rachel counts up the money and thinks they're done: they need 20,000 pesos, and she identifies two "tens" among their currency. Except...those tens are actually ones: she's confused 1000 pesos for 10,0000. As Zach explains, "Money's different here." Which seems like a fine time to cut to commercial.

That Sort Of Thing IS My Bag, Baby

Zach and Rachel are going to need to go back to the starting line and find a new bus, but everyone else is off to the Roadblock.

For Dana, the Roadblock's getting a little bit frustrating, but nothing's more frustrating than her jerk of a fiancé who won't stop heckling her with such epithets as "you're doing great, honey," and "you've got this." "Just go off into your own world and let me live my life!" she shrieks at him after one particularly unhelpful word of encouragement. After all of that conflict, they still manage fourth place, so however dysfunctional their dynamic is, it seems to be working for them.

Jessica and Cole decide to team up for the Roadblock, and when Jessica finds all of her handbags before Cole does, she offers to stick around and help him finish up. Scott and Erin also wind up joining forces, though their collaboration has a much more fraught ending when Erin gets frustrated at Scott's slowness and tries to ditch him. Scott then threatens to refuse to share the map they'd been referring to. Pettiness is a great look on a fifty-eight-year-old man.

Darius finds his bags relatively quickly, but he's neglected to read his clue, and assumes that his next step is to find the actual handbag designer. Since she's probably sitting down to dinner in her apartment across town right around this time, he might have a bit of a hunt ahead of him.

The Brothers Get Sacked

Erin and Joslyn hit the mat in seventh place, and Erin is moved to tears for the third time this episode -- this time by the greeter, the reigning Miss Cartagena, since apparently beautiful things make her cry. The greeter, adorably, wipes away Erin's tears and welcomes her to Cartagena.

Eventually, the only Racers left at the Roadblock are Zach (still trying to find his bags) and Darius (still trying to find a mythical woman he's pretty sure can't possibly be the vendor sitting five feet from his brother holding a basket of clues). Cameron is, of course, not allowed to say anything, and his frustration's palpable by the time Darius figures it out.

It's very close, but in the end, Zach and Rachel squeak by, and it's Darius and Cameron's last hurrah.


The travel-porn aspect of Cartagena's old city is undeniable, but the tasks this week are fairly routine. You might want to check out the Tejo board and ponder adding some firecrackers to your backyard cornhole set, but on the whole, this week's installment is far from explosive.

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