A U-Turn Ruffles Feathers On The Amazing Race

Racers spend a second leg in Indonesia enjoying the crystal-clear water, debating the U-Turn, and getting up close and personal with the local poultry.

The Dancers Take A Dive

After spending a restful night on the deck of a boat, the Racers are headed for the island of Nusa Lembogan -- and caution, folks, there's a U-Turn ahead. Tyler and Korey, departing first, note that on this leg, frisbee bros (and giant threats) Brodie and Kurt will be bringing up the rear, making them, in Tyler's words, "U-Turnable."

Teams must dive down to retrieve their clues with the aid of a snorkel, which is easier for some than others. Cole, despite having "never real-snorkeled, ever!," has little trouble; Dana and Matt fall behind when they aren't sure what the clue they're supposed to retrieve looks like, despite having retrieved the only thing that was retrievable from the box that looked like every box they've ever had to retrieve clues from. As Kurt and Brodie leave them behind in last place, they realize they may have just surpassed the frisbee bros in terms of U-Turnability.

Nobody Calls Me Chicken

After way too much deliberation, Matt finally realizes that the random cylinder he's retrieved from the cluebox actually contained a, y'know, clue, and the dancers are back on track.

Before they pick up the next clue, everyone has to don a sarong in order to enter temple grounds, which Tyler loves, dubbing his sarong "sa-right" and making my job of generating original puns for headlines just that much harder. But that's neither here nor there. It's Detour time! Teams must choose between Harvest (pick seaweed, evidently to be used in cosmetics) or Haul (convey fifty coconuts and four chickens across a bridge, because apparently we've raided Survivor's prop department this week).

Pretty much everyone chooses Haul, which turns out to be pretty easy, if tedious, for most. The biggest complication is that the bridge tends to shake when there are lots of Racers running back and forth across it, although there's much less entertainment in watching people drop coconuts than you'd think. By the time Dana and Matt arrive, most of the docile, friendly chickens are gone, leaving her to chase after the more spirited ones.

Tyler and Korey hit the U-Turn and, after much monologuing about how they hate to do it and it isn't personal, they choose to U-Turn Brodie and Kurt to neutralize a threat. En route to the Roadblock, Korey starts drastically overthinking things.

Who U-Turns The U-Turner?

Korey notes that whoever shows up to the U-Turn next (probably Burnie and Ashley) should U-Turn them just to make sure Kurt and Brodie can't use the second half of the U-Turn to put another team behind them. And, indeed, that's exactly what they do. Kurt and Brodie are pretty sure Burnie and Ashley would never U-Turn them, but Tyler and Korey are a bigger question mark. They don't add that they're equally sure Burnie and Ashley would never waste the second half of the U-Turn to keep them from using it.

Cole and Sheri don't quite understand what just happened, but they're pretty sure it doesn't affect them, so they move on. It takes Dana and Matt a second to figure it out as well, but they realize it doesn't involve them, either, and they're grateful.

Cole, who's notoriously afraid of heights, is slightly dismayed to discover that the Roadblock involves scaling a cliff and diving off, although in fairness, his "slightly dismayed" is a far cry from the "hysterical sobbing" we saw the last time he was confronted with a height challenge.

The Ultimate Disappointment For The Ultimate Frisbee Guys

A hot shirtless Australian guy helps Tyler get limbered up for the big cliff dive. Apart from the wedgie danger, this task is not too terribly hard, and with the sexy diving coach there for moral support, nobody's going to get stuck up there, except maybe Cole, who's not only a straight guy, he's a little terrified of heights. Burnie and Ashley note the very real possibility that Cole could wind up paralyzed by fear for as long as it takes Brodie and Kurt to catch up to and then bypass them. But he actually handles it with almost no deliberation whatsoever, none the worse for the wear except for maybe a little bit of a wedgie.

Burnie and Ashley are neck and neck with Tyler and Korey, and they're dying to break their streak of four consecutive second-place finishes, but it's not in the cards this week: Tyler and Korey land in first place again. Meanwhile, Kurt and Brodie have no trouble harvesting the seaweed, and for a hot second it looks like they're back in it.

There are a lot of clever editing tricks to make it look like the back three teams are within seconds of each other, but Cole and Sheri and the dancers finish well before Kurt and Brodie arrive, and as the final four congratulate each other on the mat, they realize they should probably peace on outta there before the frisbee bros show up, because that could get awkward in a hurry. So Kurt and Brodie have Phil all to themselves when he breaks the bad news, and they're understandably frustrated since they feel like it's been taken out of their hands. Still, it was a great adventure and they learned a lot about themselves and each other, and now Brodie reminds us all that he's gotta go see about a girl.


Despite a properly strategic use of a U-Turn and the surprising elimination of one of the season's stronger teams, this episode's kind of a yawner. It's saying something that this isn't even the most exciting chicken-centric episode of reality TV on CBS this week.

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