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'This Is All My Fault Because I Freaked Out So Bad When You Locked Me Up In That Cave'

…and other revelations from a camp-wide shroom-fest.

The 100 pulls a Mad Men this week and marks a major turning point in the main storyline by getting everyone super fucking zonked. Yep, everyone at 100 basecamp accidentally ate a bunch of hallucinogenic nuts, which means it's time for some conflicted characters to have heart-to-heart discussions with the dead (except for Raven and Finn, who are too busy bonin' to eat). I am generally not a fan of using drug trips to nudge along character development, especially when they're so blatant in their motivations and so literal in their interpretations. (Same goes for dream sequences.) If causing an eight-year-old girl to commit murder/suicide and losing his sister to a grounder (more than once) hasn't convinced Bellamy yet that his brand of leadership is leading these kids into a pit of spikes and disappointment, why would a really bad trip do the job?

Regardless of Bellamy and his utter worthlessness, let's rank tonight's key scenes from chill zone-out sesh to nightmare trip.

A way-too-coherent discussion with my dead dad

After mind-bending the gun to point in her face, Clarke's trip hits its peak with an appearance from her dead daddy, and he has things to say about forgiveness. (I'm not entire sure why Clarke refuses to forgive her mother, but has no problem talking to Jaha, the man who ordered his execution.) I don't mind this scene as much as Bellamy's metaphor-hammer trip, but it's still a little too neat. I guess I've never heard of psychedelic nuts; maybe they came into being after the nuclear war, and actually just make you have boring conversations about the power of redemption.

Octavia's not even tripping and she's making questionable decisions

The writers have generally done a good job of keeping Octavia on the right side of the thin line between strong-willed hidey-hole baby and bull-headed teenager, but this week's episode moves her in the wrong direction. Lincoln is a man with whom she's shared under a hundred words and who locked her up in a cave, and she just frees him because, well, he might be a good guy. (He's clearly supposed to be one of the nicer Apocalypse Joes, but bitch don't know that! Her brother stigmata'd him! You don't think he might want revenge?) Not only does she free him -- after the most sensual, least effective sponge bath ever -- but she kisses him! While Jasper is out cowering in a corner somewhere clutching his grounder-fighting magic stick! (Not a metaphor.) It's a betrayal deeper than any self-inflicted poison knife wound.

"I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate."

Monty is the only one having a productive trip.

You get a gun! You get a gun! EVERYBODY GETS A GUN!!!

While Bellamy is bitching about Clarke's blankets ("You're excited about blankets?"), he kicks over a water-filled barrel containing a bunch of crazy guns -- a bunch of crazy guns with which these dumb uber-millennials should not be entrusted. Clarke, trying to recover some of the usefulness missing from the past couple of episodes, wants to figure out how to keep the 100 from waging dumb teen warfare on one other with the new firepower, but Bellamy isn't even interested. He's fucked up so much as New-Earth Che Guevara, and now that the 100 have contact with the Ark, it's only a matter of time before the grown-ups come downstairs and put an end to little Bellamy's games; so, he's bouncing. But not before…

Bellamy's trippy comeuppance didn't feel as good as it should have

Look, I'm not saying that Isaiah Washington is the same man that he was when he called T.R. Knight a faggot seven years ago; I'm just saying that there exist multiple people who are certainly better actors than he and who haven't referred to their co-stars as faggots. Why couldn't one of them get this part? Bellamy's slapdown at the ghost hand of Jaha would have been so much more satisfying if said hand hadn't belonged to Dr. Preston Burke. (Also, really? Zombies chanting "murderer." Please.)

You can trust the brooding guy in the hood…to commit a political assassination.

It should have been entirely traumatic to stab the man sent to kill you with a rifle bullet, but Bellamy and Clarke only need about 30 seconds to digest this before they're snuggling against a tree mere feet from the corpse of their would-be assassin. Speaking of…

"Thank God it's you!"

"You're here to save me! You know, because I got caught trying to have Bellamy killed under your orders. Wait, who's this guy? What's he doing with that tazer and shard of glass…?" Even in an episode filled with hormone-ridden future children running around apocalypse Earth on hallucinogens, Kate Vernon is still the scariest part.

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