What To Do When Grandpa Itchy Is Self-Pleasuring In The Living Room

Will Hines joins Dave to discuss the state of the Wookiee VR porn industry.

You know how your whole family gathers for Thanksgiving and then grandpa excuses himself before everyone else to go watch the football game? Then you saunter in the living room five minutes later and grandpa has his dick out and he's totally jacking it? Sure you do. And why, we ask, would things be any different in a Wookiee household?

Will Hines joins Dave to answer this and other questions raised by the baffling third segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Visual Aids

The Empire has decreed martial law via the most frustrating method possible: a game of Snake. Lucasfilm

Martial law is declared with the Instagram Mayfair filter. Lucasfilm

It took Itchy 32 seconds to answer this knock on the family door (note the recessed pull which is very handy for Wookiee mitts). Lucasfilm

Holy shit Itchy, you took so long to answer the door the Empire is now called the First Order. Lucasfilm

Malla looks for a box of Russell Stovers to give to Saun Dann. Lucasfilm

Instead she gives him a kiss. Happy Life Day sucker. Lucasfilm

Lumpy's re-gift. Lucasfilm

Saun Dann provides Itchy with VR porn. Lucasfilm

Put down a tarp and buckle up everyone! Lucasfilm

"She's beautiful!..." Lucasfilm

Hey big Wookiee boy... Lucasfilm

Me? Just being totes casual. Lucasfilm

Quality layout decision. Lucasfilm

"I've made a huge mistake." - Diahann Carroll Lucasfilm

"I continue to make is huge mistake." - Diahann Carroll Lucasfilm

"Oh God, what am I doing?" - Diahann Carroll Lucasfilm


"The Miiiiiinnnnnnddddd..." - Diahann Carroll Lucasfilm

"...e...vap..or...a....tor...." - Diahann Carroll Lucasfilm

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