Volcano Head Breaks Galactic Curfew To Stalk Dorothy Zbornak, Film At Always

Things get dark when Krelman decides Ackmena is his one true love after after she says six words to him.

Bea Arthur slums it up with Harvey Korman's 27th Holiday Special character Krelman. He's an stalker who brings you dead flowers to profess his true love for you after one brief retail exchange. He pours drinks into the top of his head if that changes anything for you. It's a little rapey but hey, this was a long, long time ago. The 1970s.

Visual Aids

Yo, Garry. The Imperial mandated show is starting. Lucasfilm

Everyone needs to watch the life on Tatooine movie because Tatooine is shit and the Empire is cool. Lucasfilm

At least there's some interesting outtakes and deleted scene snippets used as b-roll. Lucasfilm

"And then my brother fires at point blank and misses him! Can you believe it? Anyways, he's dead now." Lucasfilm

They book a lot of cantina gigs. Lucasfilm

He's played knifey-spoonie before. Lucasfilm

Old man Thoam has had enough of your tomfoolery. Lucasfilm

Gee your hair smells terrific. Lucasfilm

Ackmena meets Krelman again for the first time. Lucasfilm

Glug. Lucasfilm

Is Krelman creepy? You be the judge. Lucasfilm

There's a good Hammerhead. Lucasfilm

The extra finger is for extra stalking. Lucasfilm

"GARRY! Pay attention dude!" Lucasfilm

Why doesn't Ackmena call over Tork to punt this guy? Lucasfilm

Who's filming this live video? Is there voting? Lucasfilm

Officer Instagram's second declaration. Lucasfilm

Oh no, she's singing. Lucasfilm

Bar rat. Lucasfilm

Ackmena pied pipers everyone out the door. Lucasfilm

Surprise! I'm a very good stalker. Lucasfilm

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