How To Teach A Wookiee To Cook Bantha Surprise

Plus a hairy-chested Art Carney gets the Empire to -- at long last -- reveal its inherent anti-fishism!

Our journey of thousand billion trillion years continues with another eight minutes of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Guest Daniel MacEachern joins Dave to celebrate the off-duty but uniformed Imperial Guard who hates fish; to question the ROI of a grooming device that also contains all seventeen volumes of the Imperial penal code; and Harvey Korman as the elitist (and maybe racist) cooking show star Gormaanda.

Visual Aids

The yellow computer display panels use Eurostile Extended Bold in the long shots...

...but use Bolt Bold in the close-ups.

Behold! The Pasadena Medical Supply Outlet in spaaaace!

Imperial Guard #1 likes to examine things only inside their loose plastic wrapping.

Saun Dann presents Imperial Guard #1 the hottest item in his store, a mini aquarium.

"I hate fish."

The wall customer display rings like a phone on Little House On The Prairie. It's Malla, so let's all talk in code.

Lev Mailer is the best thing about this special so far.

Saun Dann pitches the groomer -- which, among other things, can clean your eyeballs.

Hearing aid tech in the Mid Rim of the galaxy is on par with 1978 Earth.

It's not blackface, it's silverface.

Gormaanda has all the arms. Sometimes.

As promised: Darth Vader with lips.

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