Solemn Wookiees In Red Slankets Holding Life-Affirming Glowing Eggs

No one wants to be here for the end of the Holiday Special except for Carrie Fisher who we assume is high on Life Day.

The end of the Holiday Special is finally here and Jeff Drake and Dave have some opinions on the matter. An anti-climatic resolution to the Empire's search of Casa De Bacca leads into the greatest hits of the Wookiee Life Day traditions: glowing eggs, Wookiee prayer, Princess Leia singing, droids wishing they weren't dead inside and Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill staring into the middle distance, trying not to say anything because that sweet Empire Strikes Back money is just around the corner.

Visual Aids

The new measure standard for the Galactic Empire. Lucasfilm

Lumpy's in trouble. Lucasfilm

Stormtrooper bravely chases down Wookiee child. Lucasfilm

Oh God. Why. Lucasfilm

Wait, don't send my contract back! Lucasfilm

Oops. Lucasfilm

Please take your son back. He has smells. Lucasfilm

Wookiee nookiee. Lucasfilm

Where the hell is the watery reflection coming from? Lucasfilm

Heaven's Gate II. Lucasfilm

Walk into the light. Lucasfilm

Life Day meet and greet. Lucasfilm

Leia belts one out. Lucasfilm

Harrison Ford is jazzed. Lucasfilm

Mark Hamill is jazzed. Lucasfilm

Chewbacca is nowhere yet everywhere. Lucasfilm

The family that prays together stays together. Lucasfilm

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