Everyone Is In A Pissy Mood On The Star Wars Holiday Special

Also Jefferson Starship is having a concert with Dr. Manhattan's dong.

Film Pig Stephen J. Skelton arrives on the scene just in time for everyone on the show to get short with just about everyone else on the show. Leia and C-3PO make their holiday special debut with a long distance call to Wookiee Planet C; Saun Dann eats some Wookiee-Ookies™ before working on his tradecraft when the Empire comes knocking on Chewbacca's door.

Oh: there's a holographic concert by The Jefferson Starship too.

Visual Aids

"Hi Malla, is anyone but you home? Like, ANYONE?" Lucasfilm

"This bitch..." Lucasfilm

Saun Dann is totally a member of the rebel alliance. He said so and when a member of the rebel alliance says something, you know it is the truth. Lucasfilm

Han Solo tries a little tenderness. Lucasfilm

Yavin 4 becomes Kazook via Hue shifting which also turns the Falcon's thrust red. Lucasfilm

From yellow on red to blue on green. Lucasfilm

I will haunt your dreams. Lucasfilm

Knock knock. Who's there? Stormtroopers. Stormtroopers who? Stormtroopers, open up. Lucasfilm

Saun Dann: Super Spy closes the secret communications computer in plain sight. Lucasfilm

Grumpy McEmpire. Lucasfilm

He almost slapped Lumpy. He was almost a hero. Lucasfilm

It's the leather ID case! It's the leather ID case! Lucasfilm

The Jefferson Starship show is about to begin. Just another 30 secs of this purple disc. Lucasfilm

Singing into Dr. Manhattan's dong. Lucasfilm

The power of rock! Lucasfilm

Min Rebo. Lucasfilm about Cleveland? Lucasfilm

Get your shit together Frank. Lucasfilm

Show Notes