Chewbacca's Coming Home For The Holidays To...Lumpy

Adam Sternbergh and David T. Cole stress-test their fandom in the first fifteen minutes of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

Adam Sternbergh (Fametracker, New York, The Blinds, Shovel Ready) braves the quite terrible Star Wars Holiday Special with host David T. Cole (a.k.a. Glark) in the début episode of That's What We're Tarkin About. Actually, that's not quite true. This is only an examination of fifteen minutes of the special, and just one of seven parts looking at this infamous production.

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Don't forget to check out the Visual Aids below.

Visual Aids

The special effects are extra special Lucasfilm

Plush carpeting was an interest choice for a family of Wookiees. Lucasfilm

Try this at home, kids! Lucasfilm

This little shit. Lucasfilm

Drunk uncles + probable incontinence = Itchy. Lucasfilm

Cousins? Lucasfilm

Sure why not. Lucasfilm

Cirque de Solar System. Lucasfilm


The Chewbacca family gets their portraits at Sears. Lucasfilm

This little shit again. Lucasfilm

404 Lucasfilm

Luke Eyeliner Lucasfilm

Not smiling / smiling. Lucasfilm

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