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Zack Morris's Cell Phone vs. Hildi's Hay Wall

It's the most famous cell phone in the world vs. some WTF from TLC!

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Zack Morris's Cell Phone

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Hildi's Hay Wall

The case for Zack Morris's Cell Phone

Just like the names Kleenex, Xerox, and Coke (shut up, I'm Southern) have taken over as the dominant reference for their respective items, "Zack Morris Phone" is used to describe any out-dated, brick-like cellular telephone. It was pretty impressive that he never got busted whipping out a phone the size of a basketball player's shoe at school, especially considering literally nobody else owned one, but even more impressive that he used the same one throughout the run of the show/all of high school. No high schooler I know has ever managed to keep a phone alive that long. I guess it's true, they don't make 'em like they used to. — Jennifer

The case for Hildi's Hay Wall

If you were a couple on Trading Spaces, you knew the designer tasked with working on your house was a crap shoot. You'd be thrilled if you got Vern, satisfied if you got Laurie, and dejected if you got Hildi. Why? Maybe because she did things like this - covering an entire room's wall with hay. A horse may have loved it, but the couple - along with the entire viewing audience - could only stare in abject horror. — Andrew L

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