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'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?' vs. 'Tommy... Close your eyes'

It's the F-Bomb heard 'round Canada vs. Richard Harrow, locked and fully loaded!

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'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?'

127 votes

'Tommy... Close your eyes'

The case for 'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?'

Degrassi was a huge part of life for many a Canadian (and U.S.) teen in the '80s, with real-looking kids facing real life things we could relate to. At the center was often the on-again, off-again relationship between Caitlyn Ryan and Joey Jeremiah, a popular Smart Girl and goofy Guy-on-the-Make (with a heart of gold?), which was permanently on and seemingly headed for marriage by the series-ending movie, School's Out. Except, you know, Joey was cheating on poor Caitlyn the whole summer with Tessa Campinelli, leading to the most famous F-bomb in TV teen drama history. — Nutjob

The case for 'Tommy... Close your eyes'

Sometimes combat veterans bond over their experiences. Sometimes one of those veterans promises the other that in the case of their very likely death, they'll protect the other's only son. And then sometimes, said son ends up in his grandmothers brothel turned mob headquarters and that promise needs to be kept.

And this happens. — KD

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