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'You Rang?' vs. Dennis Reynolds's Storm Of Fists

It's Lurch's response vs. suburban rage!

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'You Rang?'

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Dennis Reynolds's Storm Of Fists

The case for 'You Rang?'

The Addams Family's faithful butler Lurch was supposed to be a non-speaking role, but the story has it that bass-voiced, six-foot-nine actor Ted Cassidy improvised a response to his summons (a bell-pull fashioned into a noose), and it was so delightful it changed the part. For a generation of viewers, just hearing the sound of a gong may trigger an automatic "You rang?" — @CertainlyKen

The case for Dennis Reynolds's Storm Of Fists

When Dennis and Mac move to the suburbs to get more bang for their housing buck, their mental health quickly declines. Rush hour commutes, the pressures of property maintenance, and night after night of macaroni and cheese dinners take their toll. The prospect of being greeted by neighbor Wally's daily "Sure is a hot one!" ultimately sends Dennis over the edge and into a rage-filled, clothing-optional hallucination that culminates in one of the most satisfying rage-screams ever captured on film. — SooonerGrl

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