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Yahweh Or No Way vs. Sun Fizz

It's Stephen Colbert's Most Catholicest Moment vs. a drink filled with nature's goodness!

61 votes

Yahweh Or No Way

42 votes

Sun Fizz

The case for Yahweh Or No Way

As the self-proclaimed most famous Roman Catholic in America, Stephen (the first martyr of Christianity) Colbert discussed many issues related to his religion on The Colbert Report, including: reciting the Nicene Creed, performing an interpretive liturgical dance to King of Glory, examining Pope Francis' secret life as a superhero, and having a Catholic trivia throwdown with Jack White. Topping that highlight reel were Stephen's remarks after the resignation of Pope Benedict, including who might be on deck to replace him. Was Stephen being bitingly funny? Of course. Was he also sincere in his bewilderment? Could be! — palmaire

The case for Sun Fizz

R.I.P. Mom. — David T. Cole

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