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Welcome To Lunch And A Show!

Links 'n' longer reads you can laugh at (with salad).

Hey, buddies! It's the inaugural Lunch And A Show: just a little noontime reading for you, and maybe even for thought. Okay, sorry, but seriously:

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Over the weekend, I Mutely Pointed to Mads Mikkelsen's gorgeous subtle work as Hannibal Lecter and wondered why the Emmys didn't care. ('Cause nobody watches but critics, prolly. Also my brother. Hi, Dave.) Before that, our newest esteemed colleague Angela Hamilton pried open the Sliding Doors for Aaron Sorkin, Tara wondered whether the latest Catfish might benefit from some medicashe,

Screen: MTV

Screen: MTV

and Roger praised BoJack Horseman's Mr. Peanutbutter.

Over the weekend, our Beverly Hills, 90210 podcast, Again With This, stormed the top 20 TV and film podcasts. Thanks, guys! A new episode dropped this morning as we bra(y)vely forge ahead with S1. Join us, won't you?

The Committee To Protect Journalists' blog has an overview by Sara Rafsky of the risks documentarians face during the so-called Golden Age of docus, including the filmmakers behind Going Clear and The Jinx.

And the New York Times talked to Tatiana Maslany, aka "one of the things the Emmy nominations got right," about Clone Club and celebrating with rice.