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Welcome To Booze Week!

Raising the bar on our coverage of TV drinks (and drunkenness).

Lissen lissen lissen...[hic] What were we saying? ...Ohhhh yeah! On the momentous occasion of The Wine Show's arrival on Hulu this past weekend, Previously.TV raises a figurative glass to, well, the literal glass-raising of television. That's right, dear readers: it's Booze Week! And it's happy hour all day in this gin joint.

All this week, we'll be celebrating the champagne highs and hungover lows of alcohol on the idiot box: TV's most realistic morning-after cottonmouths; innovative show-themed cocktails; Law & Order drinking games; a Deadwood tavern Show Down; the best and worst boozy blocking; advice columns from premium cable's sousiest; and one of the five times we almost sort of liked Dawson Leery -- plus Let's Go To The Videotape will keep it on theme with vintage tipples from TV history.

So belly up to the bar, order yourself a Nob Rand lager (or club soda), and remember that it's always five o'clock somewhere during Booze Week on Previously.TV. Cheers! ...Also: Cheers!

Our complete coverage on the Booze Week page: tastes great! less filling!


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