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'We Changed Timezones?' vs. A Very Dexter Thanksgiving

It's Toby Ziegler, who works at the White House vs. how not to express gratitude!

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'We Changed Timezones?'

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A Very Dexter Thanksgiving

The case for 'We Changed Timezones?'

20 hours in America has always been one of my favourite West Wing episodes. For me, it has the perfect combination of drama and comedy. On one hand, that beautiful (and shamelessly plagiarized) speech at the end. On the other, Toby and Josh's storyline which is summarized by the President with "300 IQ points between them, they can't find their way home. I swear to God, if Donna wasn't there they'd have to buy a house." — Chekhov

The case for A Very Dexter Thanksgiving

I watch this clip every Thanksgiving, because whatever tension my family is able to cook up can only pale in comparison. I may stress over the table linens, but at least I can be relatively sure that nobody will hurl their late aunt's ashes across the room, and there will be no more than one serial killer at the table. — Thog

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