Watch The Acro-Cats Barely Pretend To Care About Performing On The Late Show

This is one Lunch And A Show that DGAF.

It was the first episode post-Paris bombings for the late-night shows that were in production last night, and while all the hosts addressed the news in their various unique ways, only one knew that what the world needs now is cats, sweet cats. Or, like all cats, not so much "sweet" as "real surly." Presenting: The Amazing Acro-Cats! Have you ever seen a group of rescue cats performing feats of acrobatics? ...Well, even after you watch this clip, you still might say no.

But I kid cats for their disinclination to endear themselves to humans the way dogs do! The Acro-Cats perform in order to raise public awareness of rescuing and adopting animals, which is a laudable and important mission, and they're currently raising money for a new bus, so visit their Kickstarter if you have a couple of bucks you can part with for a great cause.

Speaking of not giving AF: that's exactly what TV supervillains are doing all over our coverage today.

  • A new crew of elite assassins DGAF on Gotham!
  • A muckraking radio host DGAF on Supergirl!
  • Paul DGAF about anyone else's time or dignity in S01E06 of Flesh And Bone!
  • And Dodd DGAF about anyone on Fargo!

With all this sociopathy, it's a relief to know that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Greg definitely does GAF, and Adam Grosswirth explains why his very sad Billy Joel-ish number could be a game-changer for the show.

And even if the Acro-Cats didn't GAF last night, one feels pretty certain that Stephen Colbert will eventually feature animals who are as eager to please as the ones who starred in his predecessor's Stupid Pet Tricks.


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