Watch Olivia Benson Help Brett Cullen And Professor Randall From 90210 Rob A Bank In The Gambler V: Playing For Keeps

Butch and Sundance get an assist from STUFF.

What the hell? Yeah, the "V" is not a great sign, and even this brief scene is goofy in the least amusing ways, but it's kind of amazing that a TV-movie franchise that started in 1980 lasted into the mid-'90s. There's probably a paper to be written about the second golden age of TV westerns in miniseries form -- or you could just watch a young Mariska Hargitay get some shit done when Butch and Sundance can't:

How'd you find this...whatever this is? I was actually looking for this one's predecessor, The Gambler Returns, starring such luminaries as Reba and Rick Rossovich, but I landed on this instead. I mean...Part 5. You have to think that cast is going to be bonkers.

Who cares? Probably nobody, since the full movie's tough to track down, but did you know Kenny Rogers made his acting debut as The Balladeer in a TV movie called Saga Of Sonora that also starred Zero Mostel, "Mama" Cass Elliot, Frankie Avalon, and Roy Rogers?


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