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Watch A Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

TV superheroes new and old are all over Lunch And A Show!

Given how much of The CW's schedule is already filled with the exploits of DC superheroes, it's only natural that Greg Berlanti, the money-printer behind them all, would come up with a series in which those other shows' various side-heroes team up -- and on January 21, that team will start saving humanity in DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. Here's the brand-new trailer!

Looks okay; needs more Victor Garber.

But this passel of ass-kickers aren't the only new superheroes on the TV block. As everyone you follow on Twitter might have already informed you, Netflix dropped Jessica Jones last Friday, and we are all about it, both generally in the latest episode of the Extra Hot Great podcast, and episode by episode: this morning, Daniel MacEachern covered the third episode, "AKA It's Called Whiskey," by "finding" the online dating profile for Jessica's new pal Luke Cage. And David Tennant stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to talk about playing Kilgrave, the first season's Big Bad.

Which is funny because as I was watching the show last night, I had a thought about his casting.

Am I nuts?

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Elsewhere in the realm of TV superheroes, Jeff Alexander covered Supergirl's barely successful attempt to nanny Cat Grant's son, and Monty Ashley addressed a Gotham that reaches a new low (by setting some of the action in the surprisingly capacious Gotham City sewers). This week of all weeks, we must be thankful for TV's many do-gooding vigilantes!


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