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Vinnie Van Lowe Singing 'Private Eyes' vs. The Solid Gold Dancers

It's a private eye's meta moment vs. moves and costumes that were gold, Jerry, gold!

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Vinnie Van Lowe Singing 'Private Eyes'

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The Solid Gold Dancers

The case for Vinnie Van Lowe Singing 'Private Eyes'

Private investigator Vinnie Van Lowe was the rival to Keith Mars, often getting more business due to his somewhat lax moral standards. While visiting his office, Veronica gave Vinnie a bugged pen. Turns out Veronica placed a second bugged device, but Vinnie was unaware, resulting in a smug victory song. Hall and Oates wrote the song and now you're living it. — gonewiththeschwinn

The case for The Solid Gold Dancers

Alex "Welder" Owens. Olivia Newton-John when she was being Physical. Nomi Malone. Icons of 80s dance, one and all (albeit a decade late, in the last case). But who can hold a candle to the Solid Gold dancers? Week after week for eight years, often choreographed by someone whose name no one can convince me was not a drag nom de plume, they counted down America's top hits while decked out in leotards cut so high, we -- to steal a line from Kim Chi, a more recent drag queen -- could see their halos. — corgi-ears

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