Victor Garber And All The Makeup Starred In Liberace: Behind The Music

Let's celebrate Spy Daddy's birthday by remembering his turn as Mr. Showmanship.

What the hell? Most Garber fans know that he assayed the role of Liberace back in 1988, in a TV movie (not the one with Rue McClanahan as his mom; the other, Canadian one with Michael Dolan as a bizarrely miscast Scott Thorson). Both aired the year after Liberace's death, in a sort of first wave of tell-alls that succeeded his demise.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Just wondering whose birthday I might use as an excuse to surface an embarrassment. This actually isn't that, quite; it's a TV movie, and see above re: Dolan's sinus-y infelicity -- but Garber nails the voice without quite falling into a caricature trap.

Who cares? I couldn't find the full movie, though I've no doubt it's out there in Internetland somewhere. I did find that it's directed by David Greene, a longtime TV-flick director who also helmed an episode of Roots, the brilliant miniseries Fatal Vision, and Godspell, starring Garber as Jesus.


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