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Under The Dome And Teen Mom 2 Handle Their Baby Business, While Key & Peele Midwifes The Creative Process

We're labouring mightily with TV baby talk.

After it was announced two episodes ago -- so, like, eighteen hours in Chester's Mill time -- Eva's pregnancy comes to its unnatural conclusion in this week's Under The Dome. (Don't worry about clicking if you're squeamish about the childbirth process: this baby looks like it went through a car wash before popping out into Barbie's arms.)

TV (and movie) births rarely depict the reality of labour and delivery, of course, but this supercut of birth scenes from both media (mostly TV) really proves how silly Eva's is, even relative to actual sitcoms.

While scripted TV often brings us a baby's risky/yelly/otherwise spectacular birth and then whisks him or her away for the most part, Teen Mom 2 does no such thing, luxuriating in what a complete shitshow child-rearing can be. (Or, for these poor dummies, just is, always, 24/7.) Chanel Dubofsky reports on the latest Teen Mom 2, in which some ladies are embroiled in custody battles, while others...are shopping for pigs? Okay.

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From literal to metaphorical midwifery: let's close our lunch week with this look, from Key & Peele, at how Gremlins 2 was brought forth to the world. It's important.


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