Photo: AMC; Illustration: Previously.TV

TV Shows So Drastically Unsuited To Become Animation Series That Now We Kind Of Want To See What Would Happen

SpongeRome SquarePants!

  • Mad Magilla Gorilla
  • Six Feet Under and the Brain
  • The Wire Babies
  • The Powerpuff Bachelor
  • Johnny Bron-vo
  • Rust Cohle and the Pussycats
  • Scandal-Doo and Shaggy
  • It's The Great Pumpkin, Angelus
  • Sopran-ey Tunes
  • Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Cagney & Lacey
  • The Americans' Dad
  • Dragon Ball SVU
  • Laff-A-Lympics Live From China Beach
  • Deadwoody Woodpecker
  • Huckleberry Hannibal
  • Samurai Jeopardy
  • Darkwing Dads
  • Alvin From Cincinnati
  • Capt. Furillo And The Forces Of Freedom
  • Little Clowns of Swingtown
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Sex Universe
  • Homeland and Jeckle