Tim Gunn 'Hated' Runway's 14th Season

Lunch And A Show 'hates' to say it but that might be on Tim Gunn, plus other reality-TV disappointments.

Tim Gunn spoke to EW about why he "hated" the show's fourteenth season. tl;dr? He felt most of the designers didn't want it badly enough. Excuse me, but what horseshit. First of all, it's a design competition, not a motivation contest. Really wanting something doesn't mean you get it, "if you can dream it you can achieve it" Stuart Smalleying aside. Second of all, part of why viewers hated S14? Is Tim Gunn's high-handed attitude towards Swapnil and others, deliberately undermining him with the judges and not apologizing for it. He snarks on the judges to EW too, apparently having lost respect for them after he...manipulated them? But then declines to name names as far as who, besides Swapnil, he thought was insufficiently slavish in his/her gratitude for whatever opportunity it is this clown show thinks it can still offer.

We used to adore the guy, remember that? Here's a supercut, also from E. Dubs, to bring you back to those halcyon days.

This reunion is going to get craaaaaay.

Need more reality-TV dramz? We're here for ya: Kim detailed Tamar's hospital break on DWTS; Kendra put a defensive cherry on a passive-aggressive meltdown on Après Ski; Joe toooootally believes Kristen will dump James on Vanderpump Rules; and Stephanie's stoked about Gwen's dog-toy line as mentioned on The Voice. Oh, and that she really is Doing It with Blake.

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