Three Guesses What Sound Tim Allen Is Making In This Opening Night At Rodney's Place Stand-Up Clip

First two don't count.

What the hell?

Opening Night At Rodney's Place hasn't aged real well, but this is what those of us with no lives in high school had to work with in the late '80s: Rich Little's careworn Carson impression, "you might be a redneck," and Tim Allen's kaveman komedy. It's slightly less tired than the Home Improvement iteration, because he can swear and nobody has to pretend to care what Pill-- er, "Jill" thinks, but...only slightly.

"I've got tools that fix tools"?

Oh, I know. Even at 16 I was like, is this the...funny part? Give him credit, though, he got tens of thousands of miles out of it.

Who cares?

If you enjoy marveling at the scary hair of the first Bush administration, boy does Rodney have some audience shots for you! You could also work up a drinking game around how many times he goes back to that chimp-laugh bitlet but you should probably use O'Doul's to avoid accidentally killing yourself.


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