This Edsel Ad Makes The Car Seem...Pretty Cool, Actually

Not to mention whatever restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Mansplanation are in at the beginning that has individual lamps at each table.

What the hell?

The Edsel is one of American consumer history's most enduring bombs, though without that scene in Peggy Sue Got Married, most of us born after 1950 probably wouldn't know thing one about it. But based on this ad -- one of many that ballyhooed the Edsel's debut, which is a big part of why it seemed like such a disappointment -- Ford was onto something with many of these innovations, like shifting from the steering wheel, a single control wheel for in-cab climate, and so on.

How'd you find this...whatever this is?

I think I was hunting for one of those old commercials that recommended you get over a chest cold by smoking?

Who cares?

I really can't recommend the Edsel's Wikipedia entry enough. Marianne Moore's brand-name brainstorm alone -- but the assertion that customers rejected the car because the grille "resembled a vulva" is hilarious also, and if you're interested in legendary busts of this sort, it's a fun read.