The X-Files And The Venture Brothers Have GOT To Be The Week's Hottest New Sci-Fi Trailers, Right?

[listens to earpiece] Our producers are saying that's not accurate...?

Of course I kid with that headline; I am extremely well aware of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens because someone I live with may have watched it upwards of twenty times yesterday. But it's also been a hot twenty-four hours for TV sci-fi trailers too! Here's the latest for January's forthcoming reboot of The X-Files.

Don't think I didn't clock that Mulder's "We've never been in more danger" plays just as Joel McHale shows up. Hee hee.

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Almost as long-awaited is Season 6 of The Venture Brothers! The trailer reminds us that Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (as viewers have been doing since 2013), and then we get to see quite a bit of what's coming early next year.

What up, Nathan Fillion! You are joining some excellent company.

Sci-fi/fantasy also comes up in the latest episode of the Extra Hot Great podcast: will Adventure Time's "Rainy Day Daydream" make it into The Canon? Listen and find out!

And if all this talk of sci-fi has awakened your inner nerd (and his or her credit card), ThinkGeek has Star Trek: The Next Generation-inspired messenger bags.



They come with pips so you can give yourself a rank! Which I assume means they also have a special pocket for your tricorder.