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The 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego' Theme Song vs. Now Leaving Sunnydale

It's that one time decades ago, when a capella was also cool vs. Sarah McLachlan and the Overalls of Pain!

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The 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego' Theme Song

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Now Leaving Sunnydale

The case for The 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego' Theme Song

Okay, lets be honest. Until Pitch Perfect, Glee, and Pentatonix came along, the world of a capella singing was considered by most to be pretty uncool. It was a kind of music which pretty much ALWAYS had seemed old (in a bad way). To most, it was simply perceived as Barber Shop quartet singing. It was cheese. Oh, in truth there were innovators and appreciation for it out there, especially in college settings, but the general public neither knew, nor cared about that.

But it had had one brief huge, shining moment in the sun a generation or so before the current renaissance. A kid's game show used an a capella group, Rockapella, to sing it's theme song. And... it was... actually kind of cool. Well, as cool as anything from the early 90s looks these days.

And Rockapella was actually there in the studio, each episode, singing the song live, as the Outro under the closing credits.

The main emded is one of the actual show outros. And for those who care, here's the longer "full" version, not as often heard. — Kromm

The case for Now Leaving Sunnydale

Buffy's second season ends with her life in ruins - one of her friends is dead, she's wanted by the police for her murder, her mom has thrown her out of the house and, oh yeah, she's just been forced to kill the love of her life and trap him in a hell dimension in order to save the world. On a season-ending cliffhanger, set to 'Full of Grace', she packs a bag and hops a Greyhound out of town, while her mother (and the audience) break down and sob.

Basically, if you can hear the opening notes of "The winter here's cold...and bitter..." and not have a Pavlovian weeping reaction, your 90s televisual cultural experience is incomplete. — Niall

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