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The Urkel Dance vs. Silverware on the Ceiling

It's doing the Urkel vs. some illogical logic!

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The Urkel Dance

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Silverware on the Ceiling

The case for The Urkel Dance

Steve Urkel, the breakout character of the family sitcom, Family Matters, got so popular that he even got his own theme song and choreography. He and his dance even crossed over to fellow TGIF neighbor, Step By Step. Ahhhh... taste that delicious 90s cheese! — Trini

The case for Silverware on the Ceiling

Franklin Sherman's bits on The Critic were usually pretty layered - as soon as you got the joke, it zigged and zagged. This is a perfect summation of that approach, with a rapid-fire premise/heightening/reversal that has always been one of my most-quoted "Critic" lines. — Dave S.

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