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The Powers And The Glory

Lunch And A Show on special abilities, sad songs, eighties sci-fi, and Jim Jones.

Agents Of SHIELD returned last night, and Monty got us all caught up with Skye Daisy and her powers. Meanwhile, at sea, Leon and Kate taught us all about the power of passive-aggression on Below Deck, and Stephanie assessed some powerful voices on The Voice.

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The New York Times reported on the power of consistency as Survivor keeps scoring solid ratings.

Remember The Powers Of Matthew Star? Yeah, nobody does except this guy. I think it debuted along with Knight Rider, actually. The story of an alien disguising himself as a college student to...learn our human ways? IDEK. I had a big crush on the lead, and it's amusingly terrible for about five minutes, which fortunately is roughly the length of this clip.


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