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The Oval Office/Dome Crossover That Never Was

Filling up Obama's TV dance card, plus merciful cancellations and beautiful burns, in Lunch And A Show.

Ladies and gentlemen, our long international nightmare is over: CBS finally sacked that POS Under The Dome, freeing Tara from its stupid clutches (and Sarah from trying to time her "Domer"s correctly...or so incorrectly that it starts seeming correct again -- listen to the latest hideous synchrony fail in Extra Hot Great's Playing House episode!). Unfortunately, that means Obama won't get to visit Chester's Creek or Skulls Hollow or whatever that dumb town's dumb name is, because that would have improved matters (by which we mean IQs) about a gazillion percent. See where else on TV Tara would like the prexy to show up when he's free of pesky affairs of state.

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Here's a Mark Ronson/Barack Obama "Uptown Funk" mashup from the YouTube channel baracksdubs, just because.

I didn't have any luck finding a supercut of Biden swearing on hot mics, but if that exists, I trust you'll send it my way. In the meantime, enjoy a reel of Veep's most creative insults, via Fast Company: