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The Mindy Project Returns, Dresses The Part

Plus bad bras, worse acting, and window shopping on Lunch And A Show.

It's baaaaack! ...No, not Project Greenlight, though we talked about that (plus the last Dome, Veep, and more) with Kim on the latest Extra Hot Great. The Mindy Project is back, and led off its first Hulu season with an expertly dropped "goddammit," some cute outfits, and a sliding-doors alternate reality featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Check in with Tara's piece on the premiere.

That means The Mindy Project Style is back in full force as well, with looks from the episodes and Mindy Kaling's promo appearances. (Looking for other shows' fashions, like Girl Meets World or the daytime soaps? might have what you're looking for. Got a favorite "see it/shop it" site or app? Hit us in the comments!)

Last week's Project Runway could have used a boost from Mindy, as a bunch of the lingerie looks fell flat. Not as flat as a few of the headscratchers in InStyle's most fashionable TV shows of all time slideshow, though. Six Feet Under? That' ...SVU?!

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And since this is, after all, Lunch And A Show, let's close with a supercut of Miami Vice's fashion in which Don Johnson is feasting on every available piece of scenery, even in snippets less than a second in duration.