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The Kelly Song vs. Russell Is A Panda Crammer

It's Woody's creative declaration of love vs. watching the panda cam is good for Russell's blood pressure!

181 votes

The Kelly Song

63 votes

Russell Is A Panda Crammer

The case for The Kelly Song

Woody was a simple man. He tended bar, he didn't have high ambitions and he loved his fiancee Kelly. So much so that he wrote her a song as simple as he was. Just admit know you still sing this to yourself every time you meet someone named Kelly. Maybe even out loud. — Nutjob

The case for Russell Is A Panda Crammer

Who knew the crusty Chief of Staff would draw a line in the sand when China threatened to take back our beloved giant pandas, aka, Russell Jackson's favorite megafauna? Not Madam Secretary! — Athena5217

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