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The Kelly Song vs. Robot Watson

It's Woody's creative declaration of love vs. Sherlock's sidekick in the 22nd century!

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The Kelly Song

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Robot Watson

The case for The Kelly Song

Woody was a simple man. He tended bar, he didn't have high ambitions and he loved his fiancee Kelly. So much so that he wrote her a song as simple as he was. Just admit know you still sing this to yourself every time you meet someone named Kelly. Maybe even out loud. — Nutjob

The case for Robot Watson

Move over, BBC's Sherlock. You aren't the weirdest adaptation! Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century probably holds that distinction.

Moriarty is a clone of the original--let loose on the 22nd world to terrorize it. Lestrade is a woman--a descendant of the original police detective who discovers that Holmes was frozen rather than buried. Thawed out and rejuvenated by 22nd Century science, Holmes takes up where he left things off, several centuries earlier. Detecting and solving impossible seeming crimes.

And Watson? Watson is a robot programmed to act like the original.

It's actually better than it sounds. It was legit nominated for a Daytime Emmy--although the "Special Class Animated Program" award it was nominated in that year was actually won by Batman Beyond. But it was still an interesting idea for a show, and as usually happens with Holmes adaptations, many of the scripts were adapted from the original stories.

That theme song though? P.U. It stinks! — Kromm

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