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The Great Herring War vs. Zoe Hart's Shorts

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. impractical but stylish medical apparel!

202 votes

The Great Herring War

99 votes

Zoe Hart's Shorts

The case for The Great Herring War

In the first season finale of The Golden Girls, we get to see how Rose and Dorothy came to live in Blanche's too-big-for-just-her Miami home. But nothing could have prepared us for Rose's best (and first ever) story about St. Olaf — Drogo

The case for Zoe Hart's Shorts

What's the best way for a big-city surgeon to fit in as the GP of a small Alabama town? With a wardrobe of leather short shorts and stiletto heels, of course! Luckily, Hart Of Dixie was self-aware enough to poke fun at Dr. Hart's questionable professional attire, and it didn't take long before it became as charming as Bluebell, Alabama itself. — Apmezilla

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