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The Great Herring War vs. Dr. Spencer Reid's Hair

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. ever-evolving follicular genius!

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The Great Herring War

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Dr. Spencer Reid's Hair

The case for The Great Herring War

In the first season finale of The Golden Girls, we get to see how Rose and Dorothy came to live in Blanche's too-big-for-just-her Miami home. But nothing could have prepared us for Rose's best (and first ever) story about St. Olaf — Drogo

The case for Dr. Spencer Reid's Hair

Each season of Criminal Minds, there are a lot of elements which remain unchanged. They still need to finish each other's sentences, explain basic CI lingo to us time and time again, sit in the same 6 square feet of a tremendous private plane, and Garcia needs to wear the entirety of a Claire's inventory on her head.

Dr. Spencer Reid's hair, thankfully, is not one of those unchanging elements. — Drogo

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