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The Great Herring War vs. Bobby Simone's Death

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. a heartbreaking passing!

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The Great Herring War

75 votes

Bobby Simone's Death

The case for The Great Herring War

In the first season finale of The Golden Girls, we get to see how Rose and Dorothy came to live in Blanche's too-big-for-just-her Miami home. But nothing could have prepared us for Rose's best (and first ever) story about St. Olaf — Drogo

The case for Bobby Simone's Death

In the NYPD Blue episode "Hearts And Souls," Sipowicz's partner Bobby Simone dies in one of the most moving scenes ever in network TV. His death was not of a bullet or anything typically cop-like, but rather from complications of a heart transplant.

Simone receives last rites, his colleagues say their goodbyes, and Simone has a waking dream with his mentor Patsy Ferrara helping him leave this life. Simone fades away, with his wife by his side. Fade to white, leaving your humble submitter sobbing in front of the TV. — Morgan of Head

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