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The Fosters Gets Caught In A Bad Romance, Joins A Not-That-Proud TV Tradition

Let's talk about couples who should have just stayed friends in Lunch And A Show!

Ohhhhhh boy. The Fosters made Brandon and Callie cross a pretty major line in this week's episode, and people are mad about it -- maybe none more than our very own Al Lowe, who is spending today (or maybe this week...or month) grappling with with what it means for her as a TV viewer and a human: "I feel I need therapy? Because I am legit pissed off. I'm one of those people who get real-life mad at fictional TV characters, now. Farewell, forever."

The whole thing put me in mind of another instance in recent TV history when a pair of siblings were really into each other, and no, for once, I don't mean Brenda and Brandon: of course I am speaking of Justin and Rebecca of Brothers & Sisters. Justin (Dave Annable) was the youngest Walker sibling (and the biggest fuckup), and the one who, when it came out that his late father William (Tom Skerritt) had sired secret half-sister Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) with his longtime mistress, Justin was the Walker to reach out to her in friendship.

"That...doesn't seem like 'friendship' to me?" You're not alone, hypothetical commenter! The romantic chemistry between Annable and VanCamp -- who dated offscreen -- was so undeniable that the show had to retcon Rebecca's character and make her biological father this other dude David so that Justin and Rebecca could get it on without grossing us all out. The Fosters can't exactly write themselves out of this hole with that one, but I am interested to see what they do decide to do because YEESH.

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