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The Flash And iZombie Kick Off The CW's Premiere Week, And We Are On It!

It's a CW takeover in Lunch And A Show!

Other networks might show how thirsty they are by clustering their season premieres around the Emmys. But a cool, youth-oriented network like Freeform The CW doesn't have to hurry: it knows its fans can hang out while its premieres amble into view closer to Columbus Day. Last night kicked off The CW's premiere week, and John Ramos was there to check in on the destruction of Central City -- or not, as it turned out (spoiler) on The Flash. When I saw that a certain Masters Of Sex and American Horror Story alumnus is joining the show as a guest star this season, I was like

Gif: Previously.TV

Gif: Previously.TV

Next up was iZombie: Eve Batey notes that this season looks like it's going to be notably darker than the first -- but, even more importantly, she takes a hard stance against some of the characters that have also confounded me: "Somehow unaware that there are many reasons (some intensely private) that a person cannot donate blood to a loved one, Liv's nasty mom and her dud brother Evan have been total pricks to Liv in the three months since the blast at Meat Cute filled Evan with shrapnel....[Liv's] understandably miserable! But, seriously, fuck these choads. I watched them be awful or creepy or both to Liv all of Season 1, and I just do not see why Liv is bothering with these shitheads." Word.

The Vampire Diaries returns for its seventh season tomorrow night, and in advance of her ongoing coverage, Liane Bonin Starr chatted with series EP Caroline Dries about what's ahead and precisely what's going on with Elena: "She's basically asleep. We call it a Sleeping Beauty spell. She told all of her friends, 'Write everything down in a journal so I can read it and feel like I didn't miss anything.' So, they're keeping her as a friend, in theory." Not one who's much fun at brunch, but you can't have anything.

With some of The CW's shows aging into classics -- at least, as far as their target audiences are concerned -- the casting director who assembled many of the ensembles you've loved over the years has been talking about his process. Michael Rappaport (not Rapaport, though that's...amusing to consider) talked to Buzzfeed this week and dropped some tidbits about what might have been. For instance: the network pitched Ashley Olsen and Rumor Willis for Blair and Serena, respectively. SPEAKING OF "AMUSING TO CONSIDER." I guess I'm not convinced either of them has that much range as an actress? Not that Blake Lively is Meryl Streep Jr. in terms of versatility, but damn.

Also returning imminently: Arrow, which will air its Season 4 premiere in (does quick math) about seven hours. Monty Ashley's coverage will resume tomorrow morning, so you'll have to wait. Are you okay with that? No, seriously, are you?