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The Exact Moment Of Ralph Wiggum's Heartbreak vs. The Silver Platters

It's the pain of unrequited love vs. ABC's attempt to produce a hit singing group!

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The Silver Platters

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The Exact Moment Of Ralph Wiggum's Heartbreak

The case for The Silver Platters

Imagine you are an ABC studio exec in the early 1970s. The Partridge Family, a top 30 show, is on its last legs. And you recognize that it got much more attention for its music than it ever did for its writing or acting, and even produced a #1 hit single in 1970 and created a breakout teen heartthrob in David Cassidy. You're desperate to catch that kind of lightning in a bottle again. Hey, look! You've got another family-based show that has teens and pre-teens in it! Let's make them into a singing group, why don't we!! They can cut records! They can tour! No reason Barry Williams can't be the next Cassidy! Who cares if they can't actually sing? Or dance? Or that this new concept totally has nothing to do with the show? No problem! We'll write a reason for the kids to start singing! Voila! The Silver Platters are born!

You do have to admire the catchy tune, though (I may or may not have downloaded this song on iTunes and listened to it on repeat before). And, lack of coordination aside, the kids do seem to give it their all, even committing to donning the groovy outfits made out of scraps from the Finnish flag factory. And they quite impressively manage to move around without tripping on the mic cords. Come on now! How can you note vote for this? — Rhondinella

The case for The Exact Moment Of Ralph Wiggum's Heartbreak

Ralph Wiggum loved Lisa Simpson, but she used him up and tossed him aside like an old dishrag. Bart provides play-by-play. — Greg French

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