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The Ever-Changing MTM Cat vs. The Matt Damon Booth

It's that darn cat vs. the power of star-fueled randomness!

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The Matt Damon Booth

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The Ever-Changing MTM Cat

The case for The Matt Damon Booth

While Matt Damon getting down in a booth of swirling confetti is enjoyable on its own, I would really like to have seen Colbert successfully explaining to Matt that they were going to re-label the “Obama Scandal Booth” for Go-Go Dance purposes and not to worry: the randomness will all make sense in about a month when Daft Punk performs on MTV. — Delwyn

The case for The Ever-Changing MTM Cat

You never knew what you were going to get at the end of a MTM production. It could be that cat in surgical scrubs for St. Elsewhere. Or using Bob Newhart's voice for The Bob Newhart Show. Or dressed like Sherlock Holmes for Remington Steele. Or playing basketball for The White Shadow. Or with a police hat for Hill Street Blues. And there were many others over the years. — Kromm

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