The Duck Dynasty Carnival Cruise Is NOT The Worst TV-Vacation Idea Ever

Even if recent poop-adjacent headlines hadn't dampened your enthusiasm for the idea of cruise vacations, the Duck Dynasty Carnival Cruise -- scheduled to set sail next summer -- doesn't sound all that appealing. What does it mean to "be an honorary Robertson" by the end of the trip? You grow a long beard -- is that it? And what would the "interactive events" entail? Do they refer to the staterooms as duck blinds? This isn't the first TV-based cruise to head for open water, but the Top Chef theme boat had at least a tenuous relationship to one of the selling points of cruise vacations, the unlimited and increasingly delicious cuisine available as part of the package. Does this one plan to serve duck at every meal or something?

But as baffling as we found the idea of spending five nights and $749 on the Duck Dynasty ship, it didn't take us long to think of TV cruises we'd rather go on even less.

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