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The Doctor Is Talking vs. It's A Piece Of Cake For Me, Really

It's the Doctor's weapon of choice vs. David Bowie gives 'Rick' some comedy pointers!

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The Doctor Is Talking

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It's A Piece Of Cake For Me, Really

The case for The Doctor Is Talking

What does the Doctor do when facing insurmountable odds, with every villain he's ever known at his doorstep, and with no weapons worth a damn? Well he doesn't know either, but you can be sure that once he starts talking, he'll figure it out. Many times its when the Doctor is down to his last chance, when the odds are stacked against him, that's when he's at his best. And his enemies know it. And when you have nothing, sometimes a good story is all that is required. — DCTHREE

The case for It's A Piece Of Cake For Me, Really

In exchange for Stephen Merchant and "Rick" Gervais writing him one of the most humiliating roast songs ever (Pug, pug. Pug, pug), David Bowie gave him some terrible Dad joke zingers. — Delwyn

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