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The Dance Of Joy vs. Ayeyeyeyey

It's some very physical comedy vs. Xena's war cry!

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The Dance Of Joy

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The case for The Dance Of Joy

Perfect Strangers may not be an all-timer, but it's easy to forget its strengths: the two leads are perfect for sitcoms, had great chemistry, and were especially skilled at physical comedy. You don't write that many hot air balloon, piano mover, and freak storm episodes unless you think your cast can carry it off. Their signature bit, the Dance of Joy, is really only scratching the surface...

...but it's certainly memorable. — Dave S.

The case for Ayeyeyeyey

Warrior princesses are everywhere today. We have Lexa from the 100, Arya and Brienne from Game of Thrones, almost everyone from Once Upon a Time, whoever Evangeline Lilly's character is on the Hobbit movies... Some of them are pretty great characters but even the best would improve with a trademark battle cry (e.g. "What do we say to the god of death? Ayeyeyeyeyey"). — Elemte

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